Adobe: A well known name when it comes to animation software. Photoshop, After Effects, and Flash are probably the most popular animation software for the 2-D application.

Animatic: When several storyboards are brought together with the help of an editing program. When you add some sound effects and recording you will begin to get an idea of what your animated film will look like. An animatic is an important tool for pre-visualizing the film.

Autodesk: The most important software for 3-D imaging. Maya, Soft Image, and 3DS Max are the three most important programs for 3-D modeling in animation.

Rigging: When you are ready to take your design from 2-D to 3-D you will need to do modeling and rigging. Think of modeling as using geometric shapes, such as a ball and a cone to give your characters form. When you add rigging, you are adding a skeleton to those shapes which allow you to begin to move them around in space.

Storyboard: Just like it sounds, a storyboard is an organizer for your drawings. Most storyboards have six boxes with a grid of 2 x 3.  They can be super basic and in black and white, or more in detail with full color. It really depends on what you work best with. The storyboard helps you outline the story through drawing and short captions.