We have two really great educational resources here in Florida for budding animators.

Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota

What more fantastic place could there be to go to school then at Ringling College located in Sarasota Florida?  The Ringling College of Art and Design offers a degree in computer animation. You will attend classes in the company of other creatives, artists, musicians and performers.
The faculty are all accomplished animators in their field. They will help you not only learn the mechanics of computer animation ,they will also help you learn to develop your creative storytelling talents and bring your projects to life. Ringling College is noted for its alumni support in helping its graduates prepare for careers in their field and then, get jobs.

Full Sail University in Orlando

Full sail University is located in Winter Park, Florida. Unlike a traditional four-year school, Full Sail is noted for its accelerated programs. A typical bachelors degree program is completed on average in 30 months. They offer both on campus and online programs in Computer Animation.

What began as a school to train audio engineers. They next added video production and film to their roster. Today, the school offers a full curriculum for the entertainment and design industries including computer animation, game design, film and media production and training in the business side of the entertainment industry.

Full Sail counts many notable alumni among their ranks including Gary Rizzo, Phil Tan, Martin Santos, and Leslie Brathwaite.
Dave Arnesen, a Dungeons and Dragons cocreator, taught at the school for eight years.