You’re probably reading this because you think you want to design video games. But did you know that animation education opens up many more doors for you than just game design?

Here are some other possibilities:

  • Graphic Designer – Think logos, packaging, magazine spreads, ads, websites, stationary, color, line, form. Many of these folks are self-employed. One designer makes a six-figure income designed wedding invitations. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • Film Animator and Film Editor – Think about the high-quality films out there such as those cute little yellow guys with round heads and big eyes. Not only are there animators creating the characters and backgrounds, there are editors working with the storyboards and pulling it all together.
  • 3-D Modelers – Oh man, there is so much work here and not only in gaming and film. Modelers are needed to create models for scientific labs, advertising agencies, product design firms, educational companies, aerospace companies, real estate companies and the list goes on.
  • Art Directors – Are you organized? Able to see the big picture and bring all the parts together to make it happen? Then this may be the career for you. Many art directors end up in publishing of some kind, be it magazines, newspapers, websites or some other type of publication. They manage teams of copywriters, content generators, graphic artists, and illustrators. They may also have responsibility for hiring and training the people for their teams.

There are other careers available. Check out this free jobsite for animators to get an idea of the diversity and availabitlity of jobs.