Now for something Wonderful…

You may have heard of Comic Con, but have you heard of Wonder Con? If you want to go into animation, you will want to attend this event. This year it is being held in Los Angeles on March 25-27. Why should you want to go?

  • The Speakers: We’re talking Sergio Aragonés who does MAD magazine and Groo; Brian Michael Bendis, writer of the Invincible Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy; And how about Russell Dauterman, a comic book artist who is best known for his work on The Mighty Thor. And that’s just to name three.
  • The Comic Creator Connection is an event that helps writers and artists connect. Think of it as speed dating for creatives.
  • Exhibit Hall and Artist’s Alley – You can apply to display your own work or browse through to purchase materials and check out what other’s are doing in the field.

It costs about the same as Comic Con…$65 for three days, or about $40 a day.

If you are serious about getting into this line of work, attending one of these events should be in your future.

If getting to California in the next month is out of the question, there will be a Comic Con here in Florida in August at the Amalie Center in Tampa. This will certainly help you get your feet wet in terms of this type of event experience.